Friday, April 11, 2008

Dear Momma Mary,

The next time you think you're going to do some 'minor' layout changes to your blog, perhaps you should double and triple check your backups. Neglecting Not the Momma and Little Monster because you "BROKE! YOUR! BLOG!" isn't going to make a happy family. Not to mention, you've got a LOT of work to do today to make up for that. Oh, and while we're talking about back-ups -- DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WIDGET BACK UPS.

You have some people to thank for the fact that this is a 3 column layout now. First Thanks to Biz Whiz. That is where you got some of your initial ideas. BUT a BIG, the BIGGEST thanks goes to this post. Without it, you'd be dead -- or rather, your blog would be. THANK YOU Random Bytes!!!!! Then, you have to thank your computer teacher from way back in high school. Because that's when you first started digging into language stuffs. Without that foundation, the blog would still be broken. Oh, and thanks to Colleen for sending you the 'luck' you needed. The blog got fixed right as she commented.

It isn't completely fixed, though. I hope you are aware that the colors are awful, (eveb if they did help you figure out programming labels). Your widgets and whoozits and whatzits are missing and some cannot be recovered.

I know it's all HER fault for having such a FABULOUS page-- well, technically it's her fault for making the site soo purdy. You got jealous, and decided to give your blog a makeover as well.

I hope you've learned your lesson MommaMary! You're knee deep in code, and your page is only *barely* fixed. Adding a column is NOT a minor change. Remember that time you decided to create nested tables on your angelfire site? This was almost worse than that. Remember to check your back-ups, and for HEAVEN'S SAKE.. Don't start this project at 10:30 at night.



Ashlee said...

At least you are back....right?

This is why my blog is still boring. :0)

Vanessa said...

Ditto what she said! I know just enough to break things, and not so much how to fix it. So I just leave it.