Friday, May 08, 2009

A gift for us. We think?

I promise not to show photos. I don't want to be sued for the deaths that might occur due to the violent retching that might occur.

This morning we dropped off Little Monster at the Angel's house down the street. She will be watching him when the sequel decides to try to make her entrance. We have a pre-admission interview at the hospital. I don't know why I'm telling you this. Probably because I'm female and I have to tell you every little detail.

So, last night, we were sitting in the living room and our female dog started sniffing and scratching at the front door. It isn't an unusual occurrence because deer, coyotes and skunks walk through our neighborhood all the time and our front yard tends to be one of their paths of choice. I was a little creeped out, but was NOT about to open the front door. I can't imagine what would happen if I opened the door and a skunk sprayed me or a coyote was there. At least I wouldn't have to sell the kid to pay for the dogs.

Here I go, rambling on and on again. I just.. EW! Okay. Let me start over. We dropped off Little Monster at the Angel's house. When we came home we went in the front door, and there was something on the stoop. Something dead. Possibly regurgitated. Possibly not regurgitated, but not completely digested. On my front porch. Waiting for us.

Not the Momma says it was a gopher. And that the neighborhood stray cat left it as a gift for us. But I'm still a bit afraid of what kind of bad omen it could be, or what it says. Hopefully nothing. I hope it was a gift from a cat who once knew me. And liked me, and nothing else. Right? right.

And let us Pray:

Lord, Jesus. Please send whatever evil spirits away that may or may not have been left with the dead creature on my front porch. I apologize for watching Pet Semetary when I was little, and having an over active imagination. I do not watch scary movies anymore because of that.

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Oh my!

Happy Mother's Day!