Monday, May 04, 2009

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory - Handy Manny

Little Monster LOVES Handy Manny. Ever heard of him? Handy Manny is a cartoon Mr. Fix-it on TV in the morning. It's a good show. Sometimes they sneak a bit of adult humor in, which I can appreciate in kids shows. For example, in one episode Pat, the hammer, says "I love to nail things! I'm a hammer!" It took me the rest of the show to recover from it.

The craziest thing for me is that Wilmer Valderrama is the voice of Manny. He's also the voice of Fez from That 70's show. There is something inherently weird about that. I keep waiting for Manny to ask any of the girls on the show for some "nookie." Or pester Mr. Lopart, the store owner next door for some candy. It's really hard for me to separate the perverted teenager of Fez from Manny, the charming and "handy" repair shop owner of Sheetrock Hills.

Speaking of "nookie" and Handy Manny. I think there is something going on between Kelly, the hardware store owner and Manny. First of all I've never seen him pay for any of the parts he's gotten for any of his jobs. Second, she always has the exact part he needs. Third, he sings a love song to her of sorts between other shows on Disney. I think Disney caught on though, they haven't been playing it as much. Maybe they had a fight? Fourth, Kelly is always commenting about how Manny is one of her 'best customers' and making eyes at him. Maybe it's just me, but I totally think there is something going on between the sheets behind the scenes with those two.

I also think that Kelly and Manny may be in cahoots with one another about the things that break down around Sheetrock Hills. You see, Manny always knows how to fix every little thing, and Kelly always has the exact parts he needs in stock. Have you ever known of a little hardware store to carry elevator relays? Me neither. But in the episode where the elevator broke down, Kelly had the EXACT relay needed to repair the SPECIFIC elevator that was broken. Coincidence? I don't know. I just think it's odd -- and the elevator relay is only one example.

Have you been watching Handy Manny? Am I crazy with an overactive imagination or is it possible that Manny and Kelly are not only partners in crime, busting around town breaking stuff to further their businesses but partners if you catch my drift? And does it creep anyone else out that Manny is really Fez?


Elisabeth said...

Dude - I totally had this convo on the board! LOL! I have envisioned a Kelly/Manny wedding...but then I thought well, that won't work b/c that alludes to love and sex and it is a kids show...then I wondered the same about the parts...I mean, how is that possible? And where in the world is the HOme Depot. We have approximately 87 of them in a 5 mile radius..surely Sheetrock Hills must have at least a few?

Alison said...

I agree. I've always thought there were sparks flying between Kelly and Manny. Very interesting theory about them being in cahoots. :)

Ashlee said...

I have always wondered about Manny and Kelly being lovey dovey. You're not alone on that one. :0)

staysea said...

this morning on my facebook page I made a comment the only juicy gossip in my life is I think there is something going on between Manny and Kelly at the hardware store. I had over 10 comments by noon and then someone pointed me to this site. You put worded all of my thoughts perfectly! Such a laugh.

amber anslover said...

The wrench just said- and I swear it- "everything's all blurry! I think I hit the pipe too hard!"