Sunday, September 21, 2008

A week of fun!

I purposely put more positive things on my list the other day.. I had to stretch to remember some of those. It's a good exercise when you're feeling like everything is wrong. At one point, I was thinking how grateful I was that mice were mammals and didn't leave eggs like lice. Because at least I could vacuum the turds and not worry about new little mice hatching on me while I sleep. I know -- how sick is that?

At any rate. I have been pretty anti-trip to San Diego. But now, the closer we got to pulling out of the driveway, the more excited I was.

Our plans are packed. We're visiting Sea World, the Zoo, and the Wildlife Park. We're also going to run around Not the Momma's old stomping ground. Hopefully there will be some relaxing. And maybe some swimming too. OH OH OH! And it might actually be warm. I think, for San Diego and the surrounding area, it might be slightly cool, but for me, it will be a verified HEAT WAVE! yeah! In other words, it may be a nightmare toting a toddler around. OR it could be absolutely wonderful. Only Little Monster can decide.

Pray for us. We'll need it!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I can confirm that the weather in San Diego is PERFECT. Laura and her friend are in our pool RIGHT NOW. FYI: I'm reading blogs and commenting on my laptop outside on the patio. Go wireless router (or whatever it is that makes this possible).

You're going to have an excellent time.

Alison said...

Hope you havea great time!!

Colleen said...

Well, hope you have a wonderful trip! I know from experience that if you try to 'overplan' you vacations with little kids you'll be nothing but disappointed and stressed out (cuz they always seem to have OTHER ideas!). But if you go with the flow and loose plans, you'll probably have a great time!