Sunday, September 14, 2008

The part my husband likes...

... I talk. A lot. I used to talk even more, but sometimes, when I get excited, nervous, etc. I talk. I talk too much, reveal too much information. It's bad. So, when God tells me to shut up. He really likes it. Lately, I have been reminded by the Lord (through prayer and reading) that sometimes it isn't always best to speak your mind right away. Pray about it. Wait until the emotions are a little less raw, until the anger has faded a bit. Then speak.

I have to tell you it works. Prayer works.

When I get (irrationally) angry about the fact that there are school books and computers all over the dining room table, I now pray. A month ago, I would have nagged about how it's annoying, would you please clean that up... etc. Recently, I quit nagging about it. I started praying instead. If it was a big deal, then something would happen and it would be fixed. -------Two days ago, Not the Momma decided he needed to find a cheaper desk to put upstairs to do his school work on. Coincidence? I choose not to believe in that. I choose to believe that prayer worked in this case.

The bible study group I go to (See that link over there --> PWOC? Yeah, that's it) has an international conference coming up. A chance to learn more about myself. Something I've been considering for a while. I didn't have the money. So I prayed about it. I didn't whine to my husband about not having the money, or worry about it. I said "Lord, if you want me to go to this, you're going to have to help me find the way." Oh, does the Lord ever know me! I got a paycheck last week for enough money to cover the conference and then a bit extra. If I had gotten that paycheck any later, it would have been too late. Had it come too much earlier, it would have been spent on other things. Coincidence? I choose not to believe that. I choose to believe that the Lord wanted me to go to this conference. I choose to believe that is the reason why I received my paycheck the exact week I needed it and not a day before or after.

These are just the most recent examples. There are countless times that my prayers have been answered. Even when I was doing more asking than thanking, more taking than giving. Have you had a prayer answered recently? Even a small one?

*P.S. The part my husband likes -- is when I shut up. And stop nagging him about stuff. He likes that. A lot. And it works!

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Ashlee said...

My hubby hates the nagging too. I've gotten better and it has made the home a happier place. Honestly, I've found the stuff I nag about isn't really worth nagging about. Who knew? :0)