Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Sorry!

Newest word to come out of Little Monster's Mouth:


It all started with trying to wrestle him into his pajamas. He turned beet red and got all sweaty trying to fight us. "NO! NO BED! NO! NO! NO! DOWNSTAIRS!! EEEH-MOOOO (nemo). NO!" Complete with the total back arch and limp body that makes it impossible to do anything. I wasn't quite sure he'd mastered that.

He has.

Not the Momma was upstairs finishing up some homework when he heard: "Mama? Daddy! Sawwy! Sawwy! Mama! DADDY! MAMA! SAAWWY!

It's bad when Not the Momma comes downstairs wiping a tear from his eyes, running as fast as he can so as not to break down and run in there, grab the kid smother him with hugs and kisses and fill his tummy with M&Ms.


Alison said...

Oh...that is so sweet! Good for NTM for being so strong. :) I wouldn't have been.

Ashlee said...

I would have caved. I'm a sap. What a cutie he is. He is so going to use this against you know that right? :0)

annasmommy said...

Ashlee is right, you know he's gonna use it against you. Anna has been in the please and thank you stage and I'm sorry and I'm okay, LOL she thinks if she says I'm sorry everything is forgiven (which it is, but I'm not letting her know it LOL) and she thinks if she says please she gets what she wants. Lord help me!

McKenzie said...

How sweet! Nat has learned "No, thank you." Nat, would you like anymore pasta? No, tank-oo, mama. Nat, would you like a snack? No, tank-oo, mama.

This afternoon? Come on, Natty, it's nap time!

No TANK-OO, mama.

Samantha said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

tinsenpup said...

You're far stronger parents than me, I wouldn't have been able to help myself. So sweet and that shows a pretty good grasp of some awfully big concepts right there. Your very little boy has a conscience! It's also a testament to your parenting that he's heard that important word enough for it to have sunk in.