Thursday, September 04, 2008

Crazy Randomness

Normal evening conversation with Little Monster:

Mommy: Do you want to go to bed?
LM: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!! NO BED! CA-AAHS?! (translation: cars) NAAAAAAAAAH? (translation: Snack?) MEE-OOOUUUUU? (translation: Milk?) Bwooock? (translation: he wants to ride his bike around the block) WOOOO? (he wants to play in his room) CHOOO-CHOOO!! BAAAAA? (Bath?) DAANCE?

In other words, normally he's willing to do anything so long as it doesn't require getting into pajamas, followed by going to bed.

Tonight's conversation with Little Monster in the car on the way home from Daddy's Softball game:

Little Monster, upon seeing us get close to our neighborhood: OOOOHHHM?? (home?)
Mommy: Yes, we're almost home. Are you ready to go to bed?
Little Monster: YEEES!!!

As we were getting out of the car:

Mommy: Are you ready to get into bed?
LM: Bed? YES!!!!

As we were going upstairs:
Mommy: Are you ready to go night-night?
LM: Yes! Nigh-nigh!! YES!!!!

Hmmm.. Turns out keeping him up an hour past bedtime makes bed time a little bit easier.

Not the Momma is grounded from playing softball. His team won a game (YAY!) for once. You see, they're a bunch of science and math nerds playing a bunch of really serious people who go out for matching uniforms. We've had people playing in dress clothing, suspenders, you name it. They normally lose badly enough that the "mercy rules" apply. Tonight they were one player short, and they were threatening to make me play in my flip flops. I owe a big thanks to some guy named Dennis for playing for me. He saved my hide. And my feets. Not the Momma's feets on the other hand aren't faring so well. They were playing so well someone actually had to run through the bases, and twisted his foot a bit.

My friends, it was above 70 degrees for the third day in a row here! I cannot begin to explain how happy that makes me. Because, did you hear what I wore out of the house today? FLIP FLOPS! That doesn't happen often. I've got quite a bit going on the next few days, but I hope to be back to share with you what happens during the 'summer' here on the California Central coast!

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Alison said...

HaHa...I don't think Yes is even in Jake's vocabulary yet. :). Very entertaining post as usual.