Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PrompTuesday # What?

SanDiego Momma's wanting poetry again. She didn't want to hear about intimidation, but yeah. Poetry + Me = Dis-ASTER!!

So... Here's the prompt:

Today, write a poem including the following lines in any order:

“I tie a ribbon in a foolish way”

“The delicious fragility of this travesty”

“Where we still laugh and wish”

The Rules: 250 words or less, 10 minutes max, have fun, and put a link back to the site.

I try to put my hair up -- hoping the hot will come.
I tie a ribbon in a foolish way, but it's difficult.
The hair inside falls, my hair won't be tamed
Summer has come and gone.
I know I'll miss this weather eventually, the temperatures that linger near sixty
the delicious fragility of this travesty.
missing summer. missing heat.
missing the swimming parties and Popsicles enjoyment.
those childhood summer days, I reminisce of the places and times
where we still laugh and wish for cooler days, building snowmen.

We have the heat on right now. Yes. the heat. It is cold outside. I don't think it got above sixty, and now that fall is approaching the nights are getting cooler faster. So, here I sit, feeling like it's November rather than September. I'm feeling a bit let down by the central California's lack of summer heat. I was told it was arriving. And we did get one blissful week of warm temperatures. And now the return of the clouds, and the chill. At least I'll be happy in January when everyone else is freezing and it's warm enough here to play outside.


San Diego Momma said...

Momma! You didn't post this for all to see on SDM!
You totally conveyed your longing for summerness. I'm sorry it's been so flipping cold...

tinsenpup said...

Great job! Isn't it funny how often in the midst of one thing, even as we are enjoying it, there's just a little bit of yearning for another?

Joanie said...

Good job! Glad I was able to find it and read.

Da Goddess