Monday, September 22, 2008

Technical Difficulties

After there were some technical difficulties involving iTunes, an external hard drive 3+gigs of data, and the recycle bin (as in the 3+gigs went into it):

NTM: I'm going upstairs to check on it. If it's bad, I'm going to go Vista on the computer.

ME: Wait, you mean you're going to suddenly stop what you were supposed to be doing, your clothes aren't going to fit, so you'll reject them, then turn blue and pass out on the ground? And then when I try to recover you, you'll only revive half-way?

NTM: Yeah. That's exactly what I meant!


Vanessa said...

Ahh, Vista. We need new computers at the office, and I am dreading it, just because of Vista. Normally I like getting new equipment. Sad :(

Amanda said...

Oh, so true. I hate Vista.

And I hate the new commercials where they disguise it as a new Windows and everyone just loves it. No one punches their computer in that commercial. LOL. So unrealistic.