Thursday, September 18, 2008

One of those weeks....

It has been one of those draining weeks. The kind that make you wish for Friday and crave a pedicure and back rub. Want to hear some of the highlights?

--here's a hint -- say yes. Otherwise you'll get a long drawn-out whine-fest which doesn't come with the rosy cheeks and pleasant attitude I generally get after having a glass of wine.

  • Washing vitamins in your pants pocket -- that doesn't work too well.
  • Neither does not noticing the vitamin 'mush' that got stuck under the rubber cover in the washer.
  • Laundry washed with vitamins reeks of pee-pee diaper.
  • Washing an entire MOUNTAIN of CLEAN (but stinky) clothes is not fun.
  • Neither is fining mouse turds in the sink of the fifth wheel.
  • Or on the bed.
  • Or in the cupboards (even though we expected them there).
  • Finding the nest near the hitch -- unexpected surprise with it's ups and downs.
  • Spending an entire afternoon vacuuming mouse turds out of every possible place in the fifth wheel -- NOT fun.
  • It is however fun to soak every surface in a fifth wheel with Lysol.
  • I may possibly be high on Lysol.
  • Preparing for a trip to San Diego -- tiring.

I'm now looking forward to the trip to San Diego, even though I wasn't. And I probably should point out all of the GREAT and absolutely wonderful things that have happened recently.

  • My friend got out of the house and attended Bible study this week. She enjoyed it and got a lot of information she needed and many prayers as well.
  • My attitude about the trip to San Diego changed, I want to go. I'm looking FORWARD to it.
  • I found out that the chapel may pay for part of my conference trip in November! yeah!
  • This is the FIRST week in a month I've let the housekeeping slip.
  • We've made it to church every week for a month!
  • I got a giant check from my job! It's gone already, but it was great while it lasted.
  • Tomorrow Little Monster is going to get to BOUNCE! IN! A! BOUNCE! HOUSE! at Faith's house!
  • Not the Momma bought me dinner after seeing all the work I did today.
  • Saturday morning we're getting donuts, and Not the Momma will be done with his finals...until next quarter.
  • None of the clothing got stained (except the pants that held them) by the vitamins.
  • The dogs have only dug 2 holes this week, instead of the 30 they normally do.
  • The organic veggie guy who delivers my veggies -- HE RAWKS! I asked for No chard and an extra thing of raspberries. I got 3 pints of strawberries. AND three pints of raspberries. And the box had all kinds of squash and oranges and baby spinach and lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes. So. MUCH. goodness.

Oh, and some of you may find this amusing -- Not the Momma said he was going to throw me in the dryer the other day. He didn't even know how much that rocked! YEAH! I'll tell that story another day. Ah, Carrie. I miss you gal!

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Samantha said...

Even though all the bad things were yucky (washing vitamins and mouse droppings), your good things list is much bigger! Have fun in San Diego. Glad you are excited about it now!