Monday, March 02, 2009

Not Me Monday?

A blog I've taken to reading, My Charming kids, has started a Monday Bloggy Carnival. And like everything else I start, I'm not sure I'll finish it or be consistent about it, but I'd like to participate when I can.

The Carnival is called "Not Me Monday."

It's a silly fun carnival that anyone can do. You just talk about all the stupid things you wish you hadn't done or been caught doing as though you didn't do them. Er, I mean you talk about all of the things that you most certainly did not do during the week. You can click on the image above and it should take you to a sort of intro.

This week we did not spend way too much money on baby girl clothing while waiting for an installation at Best Buy that happened because we didn't have anything cheaper planned for the day.

I did not laugh uncontrollably until I nearly wet myself and could not breathe in the car because Little Monster screamed as loud as I have ever heard him in response to one of Not the Momma's animated stories. I did not have trouble regaining composure. And I most certainly did not ignore the scream that came from the back seat when I should have talked to Little Monster about loud noises in the car.

I did not vacuum my driveway after cleaning out, Schmitty. I did not not vacuum my driveway because I didn't want the neighbor to think know we're slobs. I also did not wear myself out cleaning out the van and pass out on the couch later in the day while Little Monster ran free in the house to do as he pleased.

We did not forget to feed Little Monster lunch Sunday because we were too busy looking for one of fifteen things we should have laying around the house that would make the printer work. After not forgetting to feed him lunch, we did not let him eat fruit snacks instead.

I did not purchase a gift for my sister I should have purchased almost six months ago.

Little Monster did not bite my butt again this week.

I did not look at a skein of yarn for oz rather than yards when figuring a pattern, pick a yarn I loved, and then proceed to grow to hate the yarn because it's hard to work with and realize that I only bought enough to do 1/3 of the project. I most certainly did not spend more money on the project than I wanted to in the first place.

I did not fall in love with an office chair that I bought to replace the dining chair I've been sitting in.

I did not abandon my husband while he played video games on Friday night to go sit and crochet with the gals at church to return two hours later and find him asleep before 11PM with all of the windows open, the fan on and extra blankets on the bed. I did not grumble as I shut the windows turned the fan of and removed the extra blankets.

I did not let Little Monster put on pajamas in the middle of the afternoon after we bought them, and then let him continue to wear them when he had a bad diaper explosion that leaked on them. I did not use baby wipes to clean the poo off of the coveted batman pajama shirt instead of throwing it in the washer because it was easier than the tantrum that would have followed.

What didn't you do this week?

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