Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hormones -- they are a changin'

I don't know what the difference is from one day to the next, but lately my life has been a roller coaster ride. I go from happy to mad to OHMYLORDJUSTSTOPTOUCHINGMELEAVEMEALONE to weeping because I need hugs from my guys and they're both down-right scared of me. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the pregnancy and the extra 'girl' hormones raging through my body.

The other day I was not having a good day. I felt icky. Icky enough to spend most of the morning in bed while I let Little Monster watch way too much television and paid way to little attention to him. And then, all afternoon he drove me nuts with his clinging. He sat next to me, wrestled me and snuggled me all day. Either in my bed, while I was trying to get work done on the computer, while I was trying to cook dinner. He needed to be touching me ALL DAY LONG. And it got old. Unfortunately for my husband, it usually gets REALLY old right about the time he gets home. Perhaps it has something to do with having to split my affection between two people suddenly. Maybe it's because I feel internal pressure to be the 'perfect' person who has dinner on the table by a certain time. Who knows. I just feel bad that lately I've been blowing up right around dinner time. I'd like to blame it on the clinging of Little Monster and his ability to run around the house like a hyper little monkey, but I really think it's my problem.

Why? Because yesterday was no different. I did feel a little better so we didn't lounge in bed all morning. (By the way, Little Monster's idea of 'lounging in bed' is really climbing in and out, jumping on me, and running around the room for the majority of the morning.) But yesterday, I didn't stress and get upset when I suggested lunch and Little Monster said "No!" I didn't worry about it as much when he wanted to be sitting in my lap while I worked at the computer. When he wanted to sit in the laundry basket playing with empty plastic bottles it was no big deal. I didn't get upset when he got into the pantry and pulled out the pudding, brought it to me and said "Mommy? Cook Pudding?" Instead, I suggested that we make it after we ate lunch. We ate lunch, and I helped him make some pudding. It was fun. He had a blast -- both making and eating it. And while we were waiting for timer to go off to signify that the pudding was done, I got to hear him yell "PUDDING TIME! YAY!" every time something in our house beeped.

I don't know what makes the days so different. Is it because the sun was trying to come out yesterday and it wasn't raining? Is it because despite the horrible day the other day I did manage to get half the house cleaned, and I've at least gotten some of the clutter taken care of? Perhaps it's the looming weekend and plans for fun and relaxation along with the knowledge that if the house is clean for the weekend, I won't spend the entire time stressing about the dog hairs in the carpet and the dishes in the sink?

Whatever the reason, I hope I can have more days like yesterday. And soon. Because these days when I have a little more patience, when the silly Little Monster I love is silly instead of naughty (I don't think there's much of a difference day-to-day here), days when I will be able to greet Not the Momma with a smile when I see him at the end of the day -- they are much nicer than the other days.


Elisabeth said...

I'm so glad you all had a wonderful day...I think hormones or no hormones, we all have those days. I will pray for patience for all of us mommies!


Vanessa said...

I do not miss the DO-NOT-TOUCH-ME-IT-REALLY-REALLY-ANNOYS-ME-WHEN-YOU-TOUCH-ME phase. Mine was about two months long, and poor Cory just didn't know what to do. He'd touch my arm and I'd cringe. Not because he was touching me, but anything was touching me, and I just couldn't handle it. I tried to keep it in check with little man though, but it was HARD! I don't remember having that issue when I was pregnant with Fin.
Sounds like you are doing a good job of keeping the hormones in check though. Fin had an ear infection last week, and the antibiotic they put him on made him SOOO whiny and cranky, I could not handle it. It was a LONG week.

Amanda said...

Awww, I hope you have more good days too, and just hang in there with the bad will be here soon!