Wednesday, February 18, 2009


At 10:00 AM every morning this week, Little Monster has given me a warning about the robots coming. It creeps me out just a little bit. Mostly because it's the same comment, the same time of day, and he hugs me while he says it. It's also partly because I've warped my brain with scary movies that starred children. Like Signs. And Poltergeist. All I know is if he ever says "They're hee-eerre" or "it's contaminated," I'm heading for the hills. As long as there's a lake nearby.

Maybe we've watched a little too much Chicken Little and Meet the Robinson's lately? Could it be that I'm warping his sense of reality? We only watch animated things with him, mostly because I want him to be able to have some sort of grasp of the difference between "pretend" and "real" before I expose him to too many live-action things.

Until we get this figured out, I'd bet that I'll continue to get my 10:00 AM warning and hug:
"Mommy. Robots coming."

Did your kids ever say creepy things like that on a regular basis?

Should I be worried about a Terminator-type invasion? Only time will tell.