Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dr. Internet -- You scare me.

Worse than the 10:00 AM arrival and hug of my 2 year old son accompanied by a warning about the imminent danger of hostile robots.

I simply looked up how long I should be suffering from this very nasty sinus infection before I need to see a doctor to find out that I could die. My sinuses could swell into my brain or something, cause my eyeballs to fall out of my head after dilating my pupils, making me go blind and then killing me.

Don't believe me?

If left undiagnosed and untreated complications of
sinusitis can occur that may lead to severe medical problems and possibly
death. the following complications are medical emergencies and require
immediate treatment in a hospital's emergency department:

  • Headache, fever, and soft tissue swelling over the frontal
    sinus may indicate an infection of the frontal bone called Pott's puffy tumor or
    osteomyelitis. Usually this complication is limited to
  • Infection of the eye socket may result from ethmoid
    sinusitis. The eyelid may swell and become droopy. Fever and severe illness are
    usually present. A person with this infection may lose the ability to move the
    eye, and permanent blindness may result.
  • Ethmoid or frontal sinusitis may also cause the formation
    of a blood clot in the sinus area around the front and top of the face. Symptoms
    may be similar to those of eye socket infection with the addition of a fixed and
    dilated pupil. This condition usually affects both sides of the
  • If a person experiences mild personality changes, headache,
    neck stiffness, high fever, altered consciousness, visual problems, or seizures,
    infection may have spread to the brain. Coma and even death may

In other words, I probably should update my will. And talk to my husband about my dying wishes while kissing and smothering Little Monster with love. And chocolate. I could go into a coma at any second. OR I COULD DIE. But then again, maybe I should just take some more Tylenol and call my Doctor if it doesn't go away by next week.

(Italicized text above taken from here.)

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Samantha said...

Ha! One year I had horrible sinus congestion/infection ALL winter. I don't have a "regular" doctor and I hate doctors in general, so I waited. It eventually went away.

Those internet docs still want us to pay good money to see the regular doctor.