Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Past Fat.

For a long time, I was in that "maybe she's just gained a few pounds" stage of pregnancy. And for a long time I lamented the fact that unless I was wearing a maternity shirt, I really did look a little overweight rather than pregnant.

Folks, for a few weeks, I've been past the fat part and now, I look PREGNANT. You've seen the pictures from the past few weeks. That's not fat. That's baby. A LOT of baby. Let the comments begin!

I ran into someone today who looked at me, gave me a knowing smile and said "How much longer?" thinking I had a month, maybe a few weeks left until this little parasite (whom I dearly love already and am grateful to have) decides to evacuate my body. It took three people to pick her jaw up off of the floor when I told her I wasn't due until June. I am one of those people who get heavily pregnant. I don't get 'heavy' by gaining weight anywhere else. Just the belly. Last time I was pregnant, at around 7 months I went into the hospital to visit a family member and every person on staff tried to herd me to the Labor & Delivery floor. I am not at all like my dear friend G (congratulations!) who just gave birth to her little boy. She, was cute and tiny in every way. And still wearing normal pants, whereas I gave up normal pants ages ago.

I'm already big enough that scrubbing the bathtub is uncomfortable and I can't bend over from a sitting position to pick things up off of the floor. Okay, I can, but not without feeling like something inside me is going to burst. Take this as your warning for future Foto Fridays of the pregnant lady. If I put up the compare pics, you'll notice that the last time I didn't much worry about covering my belly. This time it will be different. I promise. It's for your own protection.


Elisabeth said...

I can't wait to see your next pic! i love preggo mommas!!

I remember when I was pg with H2, and someone at my first shower (around 6 or 7 months) asked when I was due and I told them...they were shocked! Said that they were that big when they gave birth! HA! But, I was like you, it was all belly! Started out like a basketball in my belly, then turned into a watermelon. Complete with the oblong shape (pointing outward!).

Bring on the pics!

Ashlee said...

I'm sure you are adorable. I wish I had been all belly. Maybe I should have pretended that my thighs were pregnant too. :0)