Friday, February 20, 2009

A couple of reasons...

Why I love my husband.

He understands the therapeutic power of both ice cream and Starbucks.

He has been known to willingly, without being prompted help me to wash dishes after dinner. Occasionally he's done it himself.

He has been known to make dinner. Without being prompted, nagged or asked. Sometimes several nights in a row. (Two nights this week, three if you count the night he took us out to dinner.)

He often gives spontaneous "on the fly" back-rubs. He only complains occasionally when I slow down to make it last longer.

The look he gets when he sees a tiny appendage come shooting out of my stomach right before he places his hand over it to see if he can convince the baby to do it again.

He's the best Daddy Ever. Period.

He sees the fun in turning on 80's on 8 in the car every once in while. And talking about that guy who used to be named Prince, but is now some crazy symbol thingy while listening to "When Doves Cry."

He's not afraid of a spontaneous weekend trip to visit a friend hundreds of miles away so that I can play with her newborn bub. (Spontaneous being a month away.)

Sometimes he comes up with lavish schemes about what we'll do when he retires including (but not limited to) buying a boat and sailing to Australia, taking a six month trip to tour Europe, travelling through every state towing our fifth wheel, and starting up an indoor RV storage and repair facility.

That last thing, he really wants to do it. And it's really scary that my Dad has had the same dream forever.

Had enough? Are you barfing yet? Well, too bad. This post isn't for you. It's for Not the Momma. He's truly a blessing in my life. Especially the past few months, when I went from morning all day and all night sick, to having a cold, to having another cold, to having a sinus infection. He's spent days studying his butt off at work, only to come home and pick up the house, make dinner and take Little Monster (who is seriously living up to his name -- in a good way) off my hands so that I can get a break.

Oh, yeah, and when I tell Little Monster to suggest to Daddy that we go to Starbucks, he's kind and pretends like he doesn't know it was me that told Little Monster to suggest it to him.

P.S. Little Monster did not send any warnings about "boo-bots" coming yesterday morning. The threat may have passed. However, he did wear his "Soup-man" pajamas to bed the night before last. Perhaps he fought them off in his sleep with the fancy "pate" (cape) and "boo-buck" (belt buckle) that came with the jammies. Or maybe he fought them off at some random point yesterday when I wasn't looking since he refused to take the "soup-man" shirt or "pate" off.

P.P.S. Is it wrong to let your kid sleep in a pair of pajamas, wear the shirt around all day, and then let him sleep in the same pajamas again?


Elisabeth said...

It is 100% okay to let your boy wear soup-man jammies all night, all day and all night again. We do that on weekends when we don't have to leave the house!

Vanessa said...

If little man would let me not change his clothes, I would be all for it. But he is odd, and for some reason, likes to change his clothes. He points at them and says "Jammies" (if it's jammies) Or "oof" (Off)
Seriously, the kid is so good (enen when I think he is being naughty), I hope this new one is not the total opposite!