Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lazy. But Whatever

I think I'm just going to quit promising to do things on a weekly basis. I mean, face it. I'm pregnant, soon there will be a child where once there was an alien trying to climb out through my belly button.

I keep trying to compare the pregnancies, and I realize that God did something cruel in order to ensure that women would do this whole pregnancy thing more than once -- He makes you forget things. Like the searing pain when you roll from side to side as you feel your pelvis split open. And the kicks that take your breath away as you try to find a comfortable position to sit and watch TV. That annoying heartburn from drinking WATER and the whacked out hormones? Yeah. I forgot about all of that. But, I am really excited that soon there will be baby where now there is only some crazy navel that wants to make sure that everyone knows which direction I'm headed.

I'm somewhere between 25 and 27weeks or something now. At my last appointment, the doctor didn't officially change my due date. Because he said that June 10 is "close enough" to June 1. I personally don't agree. You see, June 24 is the latest I can go... and that is a long way off from June 14. Just my opinion though. We'll see. But for the record, I don't like this "due RANGE" thing we have going on here. I get that the due date is plus or minus two weeks-but I don't like the "range" being plus or minus two weeks.

Here are the latest pictures. One from 25 weeks with Little Monster:

I don't know if that face is a smile or a wince. I'm pretty sure it was a smile back then. I was enjoying pregnancy. At least that's the way I remember it.

And one from tonight. I thought it took longer for the belly button to pop out last time. But I was wrong. It didn't.

Notice there is no head in this picture. That is because I'm crabby today. And because I didn't shower. Do you see that the turkey already thinks she's done? I'm thinking about putting a band-aid over it. Because it's really annoying in these thin shirts.


Ashlee said...

Oh Mary, your belly looks so cute! I know it doesn't feel cute. I've had two kids of my own. And I think you are totally right. God makes us forget so we'll have more kids. :0)

Vanessa said...

Mine is just getting ready to pop out. But the dang thing is so deep, that it isn't totally flat yet, but still, the inner bit is popping out. It never popped with Fin, just got REALLY flat. Right now, my belly button looks like a bagel mold. Odd.