Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too much cuteness...

Last night Little Monster decided to prove how smart he was by matching all of the letter magnets on the fridge with the cards they came with. On his own. It was amazing.

He also decided that his stuffed Giraffe (a new favorite) and Doggy needed diapers, because they were poopy. He even wiped their bums with a wipe.

A new pass time has become diving off of his bed onto the floor. He holds his arms out as though he is going to dive head-first off of the mattress. It's a whole 6 inches, but the face he makes looks as though he's preparing to dive off of a 20 foot platform.

If you ask him what a frog says he says "diidddit diddiit" while trying to hop.

Yesterday while we were cleaning up our Thanksgiving program, Little Monster found a music stand that was set to his height, grabbed the sides with his hands and began to croon a song never sung before.

Since I've returned from my trip, Little Monster has discovered the word "my" and has begun using full sentences. Of course, translation is still needed for others, but he's speaking in FULL SENTENCES! When will the growing up end?? Or at least slow down?

We are talking about potty training again. He's telling us when he's poopy, bringing diapers and wipes. BUT he did have an accident in the tub the other day. I'm still waiting to see more signs of readiness. He's also discovered he doesn't get into trouble for getting up at night if he's poopy, so now when he's about to get into trouble he says "POOPY!" I'm not sure what to do about this dishonesty at this point. For now, I tell him he's not poopy and it isn't nice to say things that aren't true.

I apologize for the numerous mentions of "poopy" in this post. But its what happens when you've got a toddler. At least we have quit referring to it as "filling his pants." I know some people will be happy for that.


Ashlee said...

Aren't children amazing? Though their smarts can lead to trying to outsmart the Momma. :0)

Samantha said...

I just love Little Monster. He is growing up so much!

Today Mackenzie changed her own diaper. It was just wet, and she was wearing a pull up and changed into a pull up, but I thought it was funny.

Vanessa said...

We've been plopping little man on the pot when he indicates he is going to poop. With his diaper on, of course, I am in no way ready to potty train this kid. But he likes to sit on the pot, and it gives him the association that you poop on the toilet. He has also been expressing an interest in people (ie, mom and dad) using said toilet, and watches very carefully what we do. The other day he was pointing at his diaper, which is how he lets us know he is going to poop, so I tossed him on the pot, and he sat there a minute, then reached over, got some tp, and wiped his crotch area. Just like mommy. He may not understand what he is doing, but it sure is cute.