Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fun.

I'm warning you. This game is highly addictive. Very highly addictive. You don't want to go there. I swear. I first started playing this game a long time ago. Back when AOL was the best option for internet and 56K was fast. it's still addicting. Only now, there's more.
There is Traditional Slingo, Sling-Do-Ku" -- a combination of Slingo and Sudoku, and Triva Slingo. Not to mention the other bazillion addicting games on the site. I won't even talk about the entire day that I spent playing the endless version of Merry Poppings between visits to the bathroom and wrestling with Little Monster. Nope. We won't mention that. It just wouldn't be right.
And don't blame me when you sit down to play ONE game, just ONE game, and you look up and realize hours have passed, you've missed lunch. And suddenly it all makes sense that your child has been trying to eat his toys, pulling cake mixes and canned soups out of the pantry. That's just a hypothetical situation though. Have fun playing!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oy. Just what I need, another Internet addiction. ;-)

Bobby said...

We’re so glad you found Slingo again and are enjoying the many games on It sounds like you’re having a ton of FUN along the way. Hope to see you in the Slingo community and around the games in between juggling fun time for you and life, LOL.

Good luck in the games!