Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I've pretty much avoided politics lately. For many good reasons. I still kind of am, but there are few things that bug me:

1. The Electoral College bothers me. Why should someone who recieves 50% of the popular vote get 2/3 of the electoral vote. I would feel the same way had the election gone the other way. In the days when your vote really does count (at one point Obama and McCain were 18 votes different in Nebraska), you kind of feel like it doesn't if you live in a state with 55 electoral votes, and you KNOW that the candidate you choose is not going to win that state. Hypothetically.

2. The media angers me. Journalists are supposed to be non-partisan aren't they? Why is it that newspapers and places that are supposed to be informing people about the pros/cons of voting one way or the other can take a side? Doesn't that make their reporting biased if they promote one position??

And now we're moving on... Getting ready to see what this new president will in fact be able to do for us. I am a bit concerned about the Democrats being in control of EVERYTHING... Mostly, because they generally are nasty to the military and that's our main source of income. And because they like to control everyone's lives by legislating things that don't need to be legislated -- like common sense. But that's just my opinion. If people are too stupid to use common sense, then they deserve the consequenses.

What are your thoughts on the electoral college and the media??


Elisabeth said...

1. I have always hated the electoral college. Mainly because I am more liberal most of the time and have lived most of my life in "red" states. It sucks knowing that even though I voted for one person, that person most likely never wins my state.

2. Don't get me started on the media. I HATE HATE HATE it. They're all liars and no matter what channel you watch and think will be legit - they aren't. I tried to use this election over any other newsource. It seems to be the most non-partisan.

3. Election in general - I hope that people are able to be mature about the outcome, teach our children that this is historic - that all races are created equal - and that we can all unite together pray for and support our new president. No matter who the winner - that is what we should always do. Our country is not in a good position and the new president has his work cut out for him. (And that is true regardless of the outcome.)

Vanessa said...

I think the electoral college is outdated, and needs to be changed/done away with. But it isn't going to happen, even though it is a system designed for when news and people didn't get around as fast, and they needed a system of representatives.

Ashlee said...

Amen! :0)

It kind of makes you wonder why you even went and voted, huh? If the electoral college is what determines the outcome, are we really even getting a say? Doesn't seem like it.

The Khaje Khronicles said...

1. I don't like the electoral college. I think every single vote should count.

2. I don't like the media because they take sides. They don't represent the whole story or truth.

3. Obama is not my first choice for anything. But "America" spoke. America obviously no longer has Christian morals. But, I will be praying for Obama since he will be our new president.