Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday Fun! ( a little early)

It's kinda easy this week. We started our "friday fun" on Thursday. It will continue until Saturday at 1:00. When I kick everyone out of the house.

Today was Little Monster's birthday. So we had cake,

almost out!

blowin it out

opened presents


best present ever

and Little Monster spent the evening playing with his new toys. Let's just say he had fun making them race around the room. It was a little out of control to see him lining them up as though they were getting ready to race side to side, and then they began to 'race' front to back in a line. He also got "mack" from the movie Cars. We spent a good part of the night loading and unloading Lightning McQueen into and out of the trailer for him. Yeah. Fun.

We also carved pumpkins. After it was over, Not the Momma confessed that he had not been looking forward to it. It was seeming to be more of a chore than a fun family activity. He also confessed that it had been a lot more fun than he thought it would be. And then, I had to tell him that he was a jerk. No. I'm kidding. I felt the same way. I hadn't really wanted to carve pumpkins. We had tossed out the ideas of just painting faces on this year, since Little Monster would be able to do it himself. We did end up carving pumpkins. A pirate for Not the Momma, a goofy face for me, and a cute chubby cheek face for Little Monster. Then, I had fun playing with the camera:

With Flash

punkins without flash
First attempt without flash

punkins without flash on a sturdy surface
No flash - sturdier surface.

Yeah. It turned out to be a good night. Little Monster went to bed way late. I managed to eat food and keep it in me. Not the Momma watched a spooky movie. It was a night memories are made of.

What do your pumpkins look like??


Amanda said...

Happy bday Little Monster!!! You are such a big boy! :)

supermommy said...

Happy Birthday Little Monster and Happy Halloween! Your pumpkins turned out great. We did a Mickey and a Minnie one and a couple of others.