Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm not talking about Halloween. I'm talking about ouchie boo-boos.

Little Monster had his two year visit today. After the discussion about our guns (we don't have any) and the location of our knives (yes, they are placed out of his reach -- every day except Thursday. That is when he has his playgroup. We get out the knives so the kids can all play together. Ha.) and whether he knows what HOT is, he got his shots.

Since Not the Momma has been away since Little Monster has been born, he hasn't been around to witness the joy and celebration that goes along with stabbing a small child with long needles full of fluid that burns upon injection. Not the case this time. He got to come along. And while Little Monster didn't cry as much as he has in the past, he did turn beet red. The difference was that this time he screamed MOM MOM MOMMMMMMAAAAAA the entire time.

And when it was done, through tears, he started saying "boo-boo, booooo boooooo mom boo boooo."
In order to keep myself from bursting into tears, I asked "Aw, poor little guy, do they hurt?"
LM's response was, again, through and with tears, "YEEE-EEEEEESS!!!" Somehow my two year old managed to twist the word YES into a two syllable word, and in those two syllables he used more condescension and tone in a more appropriate way than some adults can.

He finally quit sobbing as we left the doctors office. But that wasn't the end of the drama. Oh, NO! Not the Momma tried to get him to walk to the van on the way out. When he was on his feet, he'd take two steps, then he'd knock his knees and thighs together while his feet were normal width apart. He looked like a knock-kneed goofball. And then he'd whine until he was picked up. This went on for the duration of the morning until I took him to the park. It isn't convenient for him to have to be carried through the park, so he pretended to be better. Or maybe there was some miraculous healing?

The next drama session was saved for right before nap time. I took off his pants and he saw the band aids. And again. It started. the bawling, and saying "boo-boo!!!" through tears.

Luckily, again, there was a miraculous healing and everything is fine in the household. And even better -- we don't have to see the doctor to get shots or anything else for another year.


Seeryus Mama said...

Awwww...poor guy! Those darn boo-boos!! When my son got his kindergarten shots he didn't move his arm for a week! It either really did hurt, or he just couldn't forget about it! :)

Grami said...

Give him a big hug and kiss from me!

Samantha said...

Ha! That is funny. About him and his miraculous recovery and how the pain hit him yet again when he saw the bandaids.

Bailey is so weird, he likes getting shots. He has ever since he was 2 or 3. One time I told him he was getting one and something happened and the nurse said he wasn't and he CRIED because he wasn't getting a shot. Weird, weird kid. I wish there was some way he could earn money through that. Hmm....