Saturday, June 05, 2010


Apparently my Little Monster has a girlfriend. If you asked him, he'd tell you that he has two. TWO girlfriends?! I guess when you're one of four boys in a preschool class of sixteen you are one lucky guy... And when you're one of twelve girls, you do what you have to.

All I've heard about is having a "play over" with this new girlfriend. Girlfriend B to be specific. Girlfriend C is nice, but he wants to go camping with B, and play with her, and do all kinds of things. It isn't just on his end, either. When I talked to his teacher about it today, she said she had assumed that we were all friends outside of school, because of the way the two kids play together. I guess we'll be forced into it for the summer!

The great thing is that I know that both children are enrolled in day camp together over the summer. So even if we don't get to have "play overs" very often, he'll get to spend time with her.

And in another note -- Butterball is now banned from school. I don't think Daddy would like the idea of her having a boyfriend. She's Daddy's girl and I'm not sure he's ready to share yet.

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