Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moments of Hilarity

Is Hilarity a word? Probably not. I don't care. Little Monster has been at his best lately. Here's some little pieces of proof:

Doorbell rings. (It's the pizza delivery gal.)
Daddy attempts to open the door to pay, while holding back both eager children and a crazy dog.
Pizza delivery driver notices Little Monster (wearing his pajamas and his green frog rain boots) and says:
How old are you?
I'm fwee.
Oh, you're three? What's YOUR name?
(In a very serious tone, with the most serious of furrowed brows) I'm ROCKETman! BSSSSSSSSHHHHHH!

Then the child turned around and "blasted off" down the hallway.
Daddy said that he was lucky to get his pizza. The lady laughed so hard she nearly dropped it.

The night was quiet. Daddy and I were enjoying some hard earned TV time, happy the kids had finally gone to sleep.


We both looked at each other with quizzical expressions, wondering what in the world was going on. We checked on Little Monster to find that his pillow and front of his shirt were wet. I said:

Little Monster, how did everything get all wet? Did you get sick to your stomach?!

NO! The waves just came! They came up and right into my window and got into mine bed. The waves splashed all over me and got me all wet!

We dropped Daddy off at the shop to get the oil changed in Schmitty. Meanwhile, the kids and I walked up to the store. As we were walking, Little Monster yells out "BEEP BEEP! BATMAN COMING FROOO!"

Earlier in the morning, he demanded to be called Superman and told us that his green frog boots were actually red superman boots. He would not respond to anything other than superman. So, I asked him:

I thought you were SUPERMAN!?


And now I must ask -- how do you break a kid from wearing a dorky pair of frog rain boots a parent may or may not have purchased on a weak day. The child wears them constantly when we are at home. He begs to wear them out of the house. They function as rocket boots, superman boots, batman boots, iron man boots, and pretty much any other kind of boot he thinks he may or may not need. I'm a little bit afraid that his feet are getting sweaty in there and his feet are going to rot off.

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Elisabeth said...

You let them wear the boots. =) Hudson wore his frog boots every day for months. Then his cowboy boots for 6 months. Now we are into costumes. At least once a week he wears a costume to school (complete with boots and cape). I used to fight it - now I embrace it. I love the imagination it spurs!