Monday, September 28, 2009

Make Me Laugh

Things Little Monster has done that have nearly brought me to tears:

Daddy "Go bug Mommy."

LM "No. I bug Daddy."

Mommy "Okay, it's time to say our prayers."

LM (loud breathing like Darth Vader) "Luke, I am your Father. Amen."

While eating out at a restaurant, Little Monster was misbehaving. Daddy told him to behave and stared him down. Little Monster's response was to open his eyes wide and stare back.

We told him we were going to visit our friends G & J last Thursday. He asked once per hour for the next four days if we were going to visit G & J.

Dad: Let's go to twore. Me want go to target. me get stickers, OOOOKAAAAAY?

LM: No daddy. go in my car.

Dad: okay let's go.

LM: NO WAY! door slam

LM (to mommy) mommy. Daddy and popcorn and movie and night-night and green bike. no bye-bye.

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