Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lingustic proof of aging.

Kids grow up too fast. We all know it is going to happen, but when it happens to your kids, you never cease to be amazed.

I don't know when it happened, but my Little Monster is growing up, and it is evident in the way he speaks these days. No longer does he say "boose" when he's asking for apple juice. He asks for apple juice. He corrects us and says his sister's name correctly when we call her "butterball," which is what her name sounded like after she was born. It's getting easier and easier to distinguish "Turkey" and "Cookie" and "poopie" which all came out sounding like "too-kee" not that long ago.

I just hope that he continues to use the word "whackin'" instead of napkin for a little longer. And it's totally fine with me that he messes up his pronouns and says "me" when I is what he wants to say -- even when we correct him. I hope he'll continue to yell at the sun for shining and the wind for blowing as if the world bows to his whim.

I'm not quite ready for him to be a big kid quite yet, so I'll hold on to these moments -- as long as I can...


Not the Momma said...

you forgot butterball rolling over, or yelling at you for walking by without looking at her, or arching her back when she wants you to pick her up.

Vanessa said...

Awww man, I know exactly what you are going through. My big boy asked to go sit on the potty yesterday, and his sweet little sister is starting to crawl. (Really, at 6 months? Lord help me!) Little man started preschool last week too(sort of). :( Now tractors and backhoes and lawnmowers are what they are, everything isn't a lawnmower. And my peanut, she's not so much of a peanut anymore. And it makes me sad knowing that my baby is getting big, and I will probably not have another one. :(