Friday, July 09, 2010

MilSpouse Fill In Friday!

I missed last week's with all the hubbub of getting ready to go on our trip to Maine.

I'll do both weeks this week to make up!

This weeks Questions are:

1.What is your favorite household chore? I love cooking. I want to make sweet treats for my family nonstop. Pies, cookies, cakes, whatever you want, I like to make it. I love watching every one's faces light up when I've made something they really enjoy. It doesn't matter what I'm making -- even if it's just chopping up grapes and strawberries for babies. I just want to make something that tastes good.

2.What is your favorite childhood memory? I don't have one specific memory, really. I have memories! My childhood was wonderful, but the best experiences, by far, that I can remember are spending every weekend camping at the lake and water skiing with my family. We really did camp every weekend. The first couple of times we camped in a tent on cots, and that gradually moved to an old RV, and eventually to a newer one. But going to our "chocolate milk" (it was a mud-bottom) lake and spending hours upon hours in the water playing and running around was the best a kid could ask for.

3. What is your most embarrassing moment? I haven't had it yet. Seriously. Or maybe I've blocked it out of my memory. Or maybe I've been embarrassed so many times that I just can't pick one. Probably a combination of all of them. There was the time I left my lunch in my closet as a kid and it grew into something, well, gross, and my mom decided to tell EVERYONE about it. For the rest of my life. Or that time that I decided to skip class in high school and call myself in. I sound just like my mom on the phone -- foolproof, right? Yeah, except it doesn't work when you call the wrong school. And then your mom tells EVERYONE about it. For the rest of my life. But it's okay. I don't have anything truly embarrassing, not like my husband!

4. What uniform of your husband's is your favorite? Well, if you're talking about military uniforms, probably the dress blues. I kind of like the polyester khaki's too, but they've been pretty much phased out. The dress blues look distinguished and oh-so delicious. If you're talking about the rest of the time, I'd probably say that it is a white under-shirt and jeans with a brown belt. Kind of like the Brawny guy without the flannel shirt. He knows that too, and uses it as a secret weapon.

5. What canceled TV show do I miss the most? Oh man. So many TV shows have come and gone. There was this show called Hidden Hills that was pretty good. But it didn't last long. Friends ranks right up there, but my TRUE honest to goodness favorite was Gilmore Girls. I seriously wanted them to follow that family forever. I wanted to see Rory's children and find out who she married. I wanted to see Loralie have more kids and watch her Inn flourish. I miss Sookie's craziness and even Kirk's odd antics. Heck, sometimes I even miss that stinky, crotchety town manager Taylor. I loved hating him because he really wasn't evil, just obnoxious, irritating and very annoying.

And now for the questions from last week:

1. Tell us about your dream job. One you wouldn't mind doing even without pay. Well, I do lots of things without pay that I enjoy. I enjoy doing the web stuff for the PWOC groups that I've been involved in. But, the best job I've ever had was being a preschool teacher. I want to do that when I grow up. But I want to run the preschool my way, the way that Little Monster's preschool was run.

2. What is your most prized possession (kids and pets don't count!). My most prized material possession is a tie between my laptop, my iPhone and my camera. I can't live without my fantastic Digital Rebel camera. It takes the best pictures without me trying. I can't live without my iPhone because it is the compact way that I keep in touch with my friends and family. I can access Facebook, play Angry Birds and Words with Friends on it. But I can't live without my laptop either. It lets me edit all of those wonderful photos, and sometimes it's nice to be able to view flash websites or just plain websites in full size. It's easier to do some of the things I like to do on the Internet on my laptop. Plus, all of my pictures are on my laptop. It's easy to say the three things are always near each other, easily accessible (even to toddlers, sometimes), and would be ushered out of the house in a fire. Right after the kids. Probably before the dog, but not because I wouldn't try to get him out first, but because the dog would run into the fire in order to get warm. He's weird like that.

3. What was your favorite duty stations and why? As of right now, I don't really have a favorite. We have been stationed in Newport, RI (twice), Norfolk, VA, Bahrain, and Monterey, CA. Each has it's own pluses and minuses. I miss being in a house that I own (Virginia), I love being in New England and all of the people here. Bahrain was fantastic, even though we didn't live there with Daddy, and even though it was the hottest place I've ever experienced, and I'm sure when people described the heat of hell it's because they had visited there. California, though will always hold a special place in my heart. It is the place where I found PWOC. I had more friends in California than is fair. I belonged and felt like one of the 'cool kids.' It is where my daughter was born, and where I felt the most connected. However, I could not stand the politics and did not like that I needed a translator or proficiency in another language to order a pizza.

4. What is your least favorite household chore. Hands down, it's laundry. I hate waiting for it to wash, and dry. I hate that you have to sort it out and fold it immediately or it wrinkles. I hate that the second you finish, you have to start over again.

5. What one piece of advice would you give to a teenager today (not specifically a MilTeen)? Have manners -- don't be one of the cool kids. That's a big order, I know. It includes being honest, kind, fair, and treating others decently, especially the little guy that's always being teased. The movies depicting the "cool" bullies and dorky dorks, they aren't real life. Those dorks are the ones that are going to make it in life. And those "cool" kids who "rule the school" with their stupid rules and mean tricks -- they are going to be despised and hated later in life. Being cool only teaches you how to be a jerk and get away with it. No one likes the jerks. Real life, is a lot like high school, except those dorks, geeks and jerks don't have any quality of life because no one REALLY likes them. They don't have real relationships with real people. Be a dork. It's okay. Someday you'll be grateful you got decent grades and learned how to be nice to people.

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Wife of a Sailor said...

See... I didn't even consider baking because I don't look at it as a chore. I guess that's my favorite, too!