Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Morning entertainment.

First thing this morning, in a monotone robot voice (where did he learn that, i wonder):
Inside dis woobot is bumblebee. And inside bumblebee is ocermiss. And inside ocermiss is little monster. We are in dis sceery woobot suit.

The reason why I come to Nebraska without my husband (it's a life preserving tactic for him. He would have died of embarrassment):

The church is silent except for the hymn being sung and the pastor's voice telling each person "this is the body of Christ." The pastor hands me my wafer and skips over Monster in order to give communion to someone else. He will come back with out the wafers to bless the children. And then you hear it:

"HEEEEEeeeey!!!!! I want one!!!!"

As his sister passes by on her way to mischief:

"bye bye alien"

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1 comment:

San Diego Momma said...

I loves this post.

Eesss cute.

I haves a bumblebee.

Heeeeeeeeeey! You want one?