Friday, November 06, 2009

Strange Happenings

Mom! Don't worry! Dat not a monster! Dat just a car driving by. It not a bad guy. Where dat car going?

Probably to the grocery store. I don't know where they're going baby.

Dey not toming a dwama's house?

Nope. They are not coming here.

Oh, Okay.


Buster! Buster! Tum outside and pway wif me. It a nice day outside! Tum On! (the pitch going higher with every sentence) Tum ON! Tum on Buster!

Buster, it a nice day outside, Tum on! Don't be mad! Tum on! Tum on! Tickle Tickle Buster!! You tum outside wif me and you pway wif me.


Baby, Buster is old and probably needs a nap. Let him take a break and he'll come outside with you again in a little bit.

It IS a little bit! Buster need tum outside wif me and get da bad guy monters out of da yard.


After all of that, he came inside, took off his pants.

Me tiwerd mommy. Me take off mine twothes, me get mine jammas on. Me need take a shower first though. Den me get in mine bed.

He proceeds to remove the REST of his clothing, go downstairs, find pajamas and pull-ups, put them on. If the child goes downstairs and crawls into bed and goes to sleep, I'm going to start praying, because surely it is a sign that the end of the world truly is near.

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Vanessa said...

Yeah, Fin has had a few episodes lately where he announced he would like to go to bed, at like 7:15, at least 45 minutes early. We are usually like, okay, if that is what you want. But he knows he can only have his binky in bed, so he likes to go there right now. :)