Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Huskers?

I grew up in a college town. A college town that revolved around their football team. You don't go shopping, eat out, go downtown, or do anything outside of your home on home game Saturdays. And heaven forbid you accidentally wear your favorite purple shirt the day Nebraska plays Kansas State. So when I met Not the Momma, a big hunky football-y player looking guy, I asked him what his feelings were about football and sports in general. His answer, something I can't repeat because he is, after all, a sailor, made it clear that I didn't have to worry about becoming a football widow. There would be no worries about needing to throw giant Superbowl parties, or whining about turning the game down so that the kids could sleep.

Being away from all of the sports craziness has made me want to embrace it, just a little bit. So, when we returned to Nebraska, I bought some "Husker" gear for the kids and I to wear this weekend for the game. We went out to dinner the night before the game last week, and Little Monster learned the phrase "Go Big Red!" It's actually rather cute to hear it come from his little mouth. Especially when he forgets that he's supposed to say 'big' and it comes out "GOOOOOOO witttllllllllle Wehhhhhh-ehhhhhhd! Go Big Wed!"

It's surprising how quickly little ones pick things up, and what they mean. Little Monster today somehow picked up that we were all wearing red, and that all of our clothing had the "huskers" logo on it, and I somehow missed it. Imagine my surprise, then, when we skyped with Daddy earlier this evening:

Me: Never mind the shirt I'm wearing.

NTM: Ah, you went out and bought some husker gear, eh?


And now that the child has learned team spirit, for a team to which he doesn't belong, I now must pray that my husband has not changed the locks to the house when I return. Or that, now that we have orders, he hasn't up and moved without us.

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Not the Momma said...

I believe the exact words were "you all are now disowned!!!"