Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old House New House

When we were in California we were in a new house. I mean, probably only a couple of years old, new. Here in Rhode Island, we are in an old house, as in, probably more than a couple of decades old. I knew we would be in an older house when we moved here, and I was willing to "put up" with the inconvenience since we are only here for a few short months. However, after being here a week, I am thoroughly happy with our "new" old home.

Our "Old" New house in California was wired for Internet throughout most of the house, was beautiful on the outside, and was fairly new. It had a fenced in backyard and a huge front yard. There were power receptacles everywhere and had a decent sized pantry. And here ends the list of things I miss about our "old" new home.

Our "New" old house in Rhode Island has closets. Big Closets. Larger Rooms for the children, free heat, a SCREEN door on both the front and the back door, new Berber carpet that looks amazing, brand new windows all over, open floor plan, laundry room that has a Door! That can be Shut! and tons of shelving. HOT! water, and and free utilities. Our house is all one story, so toys can stay in the kids bedrooms! We are also getting to keep some of our rent money -- enough to pay for an amazing preschool that Little Monster will attend next week. There are about 5 nicer chain eat-in restaurants within a mile or so, as well as a few different fast food chains. And the clincher -- we get real cable. Not some crappy satellite service that is going to nickel and dime us to death. No over priced, under-bandwidth "High" (but really Low) speed Internet. Our cable and Internet package here is cheaper than just the satellite in CA, and we get our phone for free. We also get high definition signal and FAST FAST FAST Internet!

These things don't make up for the fact that I couldn't transplant my bible study group and my huge circle of wonderful friends, but they do make day to day life just a bit easier!

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Kristi from Small Things said...

This is such a small Navy world! Our best friends just left San Diego to head to Newport. She's missing her old new house, too.