Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Temper Tantrums?

When I took the baby to the doctor, a nurse said "He might begin throwing temper tantrums now." I laughed, because I honestly thought I had experienced Little Monster's temper tantrums. Oh, how wrong was I. I now believe that until that moment, he didn't know he could throw temper tantrums. He heard her say that, took it to heart and began practicing the art of throwing temper tantrums immediately. After watching him the past few days, I'm sure he is still perfecting the art of throwing himself to the floor and screaming a sound so shrill that only dogs can hear. Its no wonder the poor creatures have been running around looking like they are going to throw up. They think they are being summoned by some new sort of satanic dog whistle.

That very afternoon, he got on the floor, grabbed both of my ankles, one with each arm and proceeded to scream and cry when I took something away from him (even though I said please and thank-you), thus beginning the "temper tantrum" stage. He hadn't quite perfected the art of getting to the floor. Initially it was more of a squat, kneel, then lie down. The "landing" has gotten a bit more dramatic in the past few days and now is becoming more of one fluid motion, rather than several awkward steps.

My biggest concern: If he doesn't have the "landing" perfected, is he still working on that scream too? If that scream gets any shriller, any louder, I'm worried that some nuclear missile in some silo somewhere out here in the Midwest is accidentally going to go off. Car alarms all over the city will ring out. If he can make that scream better, I'm doing what the dude at Faslane told me to do if the Nuke siren went off "Go to one of the buildings listed on this card and take cover... but what I really mean is pitch it and run."


Vanessa said...
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Vanessa said...

Oh I am so not ready for that phase. Fin has lately taken to yelling at me if I'm not doing what he wants me to. He stands at the baby gate outside of the kitchen and screams until you get him. Or set him back on his butt, then he stops yelling long enough to get back to his standing position. Cory is convinced that he has forgotten how to get back down from the standing position.

Oh, and did I mention that crawling is no longer good enough for him? He must be standing at all times. If not- yep, he yells. In the car seat- stands on his seat, and yells when you make him sit down.

Sorry, I just had to delete my comment and repost- I had stopped typing mid sentence,and had to fix it. :)

Kellyann said...

There must be something in the year that these kids were born or something. My 18 month old Aidan Is way too smart for his own good! He is the exact opposite of his laid back brother who is now 6. With another one the way in three months I am not sure if I will be able to stay sane! At least life won't be boring.